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I have a couple of amusing ones, having recently got the Psychic cards myself.

- Eldar. Can summon literally their ANATHEMA, their most HATED and FEARED enemies i.e. Daemons of Slaanesh, up to and including Keeper of Secrets.... but can no longer use their mind to physically move objects (Telekinesis). So the fact that their most BASIC technology (Wraithbone) has to be psychically manipulated into different shapes and textures and forms is represented by not having access to Telekinesis. But they can summon Slaaneshi Daemons. Also, with being able to flat out ignore Perils so long as you keep a die handy... they're the best Daemonology both Sanctic and Malefic casters out there.

Nice one, GW.

- Invisibility is hilarious on Land Raiders. 6s required to hit it in combat. Snap Shots only. Unfortunately cannot be cast from inside the Raider itself.

90% of people think they are above average.

Statistically Improbable. Psychologically Inevitable.
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