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Flames of War would not fit into 45 mins. It's a good system, but the rules mean that it leans heavily in favour of dug in infantry, which basically means that the game takes forever if one player is running a list of German sturmkompanie or US 2ID packed full of panzerfausts or bazookas. This means that a mechanised or armoured list finds it practically impossible to winkle them out. The prospect of massed tank battles is what got me into the game in the first place, but the endless boredom and futility of trying to winkle out said infantry has meant I haven't played a game since before christmas. "Codex creep", as 40k gamers would know it, has also become a problem, with each new book brining in lists more powerful than the last.

I think something like Bolt Action might suit your needs more. One tank is one unit, so 4 or 5 tanks a side would mean the game would move along pretty quick. Even though it is written as a 28mm system it also works as well at 15mm without adjusting anything, and if you look at the Plastic Soldier Company boxes, you could get a full force for 20. Watch out for the Tank Battle supplement due out over the summer.

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