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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Pretty sure Bloodcrushers only have three wounds each.

But yes - as our games today proved, using Malefic to summon a bunch of Daemons doesn't really work with 2 Mastery 3 Sorcerors (even with one with Prophet of the Voices to avoid Perils) as you simply can't push through enough casts to get a horde of Daemons. They just end up being easy combat victories (and therefore easy extra movement) for your opponent.
My mistake it is 3. But still the deamons most likely to survive a turn are bloodcrushers as they are T4 which is harder to kill or plaguebearers, for the same reason but the also have shrouded (though less offensive capability than bloodcrushers).

It also didn't help you had some uncanny rolling of 6s....

Me: To be honest im amazed there isn't a chaos god of not revising or at least chaos god of procrastination

MidnightSun: There will be, when enough people do it. Y'know when the Eldar were all engaging in their hedonism and Slaanesh ripped open the Eye of Terror with his creation? Slaanesh will have NOTHING on the God of Procrastination, and his vile minions will carve the galaxy asunder in a thousand year reign of blood.... Tomorrow
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