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Originally Posted by Routine View Post
With regard to someone else's comment on Heralds, the amount of pts they get for upgrades is exactly enough for the Grimoire or the Portalglyph, so as long as you havent already included those items in your army, you get some nice kit and another psyker (if a Herald of Tzeentch anyway) for the cost of a model that is presumably around 9pts or so
Do bear in mind that characters can only join units in the movement phase and can only lay down the Portalglyph/use Grimoire in the movement phase as well, so a canny opponent will take out your 2W, T3 model the turn it comes in before it can join any unit or use its fancy gear. You can try to hide them as they come in, but if you don't have a scatter-reduction method.. no guarantee that the Herald won't scatter out into the open.

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