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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post

One question that come to mind for me: Do Conjuration units coming in count as coming in from Deep Strike Reserve? The book only says conjured units "Deep Strike," and yet Flying Monstrous Creatures must Swoop when entering play from Deep Strike Reserve. Cursed Earth only prevents scatter for daemon units coming in from Deep Strike Reserve. Do summoned Bloodthirsters/Lords of Change not have the opportunity to Swoop the turn they come in? Does Cursed Earth not prevent scatter of summoned Daemonology units--kind of counter-intuitive for a Daemonology power whose design focus seems to be focused on reducing some of the unreliableness of summoning Daemons...
In the second paragraph of the Conjuration Power description on page 26, the sentence fragment that immediately follows the bolded portion about deepstriking and range specifically states that the new unit is treated as having arrived from reserves for all purposes, so I believe Cursed Earth, Icons of Chaos and the like should work for preventing Deep Strike scatter, which is nice. With regard to someone else's comment on Heralds, the amount of pts they get for upgrades is exactly enough for the Grimoire or the Portalglyph, so as long as you havent already included those items in your army, you get some nice kit and another psyker (if a Herald of Tzeentch anyway) for the cost of a model that is presumably around 9pts or so

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