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Default The End

The End….

This is something I have been planning to do for some time, a sort of continuing story for the Heresy community.
I am by no means a great writer but I hope that from these humble beginnings some of the Heresy greats might take up the thread and really run with it.
This is how my idea works out: I will write the fist chapter, and then, as in the four word story threads, others take up the story by writing their own chapters and taking the story in a new direction, whatever it may be!
We used to do this a lot when we were playing AD&D or WHFR and it led to some very enjoyable campaigns and adventures, so here goes!

A single cry pierces the vacuum of the void, a terrible cry that only the most potent of psykers can hear, a scream so terrible that it has echoed for 10,000 years throughout the galaxy and the empyrean. It is the scream of an immortal dying, the scream of the God Emperor of Mankind, for 10,000 years it has driven those touched with psychic powers to insanity and now at the Age of Ending that scream has fallen silent.

“Why have we dropped out of Warp space Captain Astor?” boomed Admiral Clarris, His voice barely audible over the screaming sirens and the roar of the burning cogitators.
“I don’t know Admiral, everything was fine and then….”
Admiral Clarris was an imposing man and did not tolerate the failure of any members of his crew, he shot his captain a look that would have stopped a Daemon in it’s tracks and suddenly the captains mind went blank.
“Well, Captain, would you possibly consider finding out rather than standing there flapping in the bloody wind? What the hell is going on with my ship?”
At this the entire bridge crew burst into action, the shock had been shaken from them and they knew they had work to do or consequences to answer to.
Almost every system on the ship was either on fire or about to burst into flames and servitors moved from cogitator to cogitator trying to extinguish the fires, through one of the soot covered armourcrys viewing portals an ensign spotted something.
“Admiral, I think you should look at this, sir, it’s, um,, well ….” Panic was taking control of the young ensign, tears appearing in his eyes.
“Get out of the way boy, in the name of the Emperor, what is wrong with everyone today….” the Admiral stopped and stared, in nearly 300 years of service he had never seen anything like the scene that presented itself to him outside the ship.

Captain Astor made his way through the belly of the Righteous Hatred, if anyone would know what had happened it would be Mi So the ships Astropath, he hated having to speak with the psyker, the things dead eyes always made him feel uneasy.
The door to her chamber was open and as soon as Astor walked into the dark a strange feeling washed over him, something was horribly wrong.
The chamber was silent except for a feint clicking sound, an irregular tapping, that, as he drew closer he realised, was dripping.
The Astropaths chamber was awash with blood and the young Psyker was laying in the middle of the gory scene, her entrails torn out by her own hands and wrapped around her like a shroud.
On the wall, scrawled in her own blood and faeces were two words “The End”
Astor keyed his communicator “Admiral Clarris, this is Captain Astor, it’s Mi So, she is dead sir.”
“You had better get your scrawny arse back up to the bridge captain” Clarris sounded shaken, that was bad, Clarris was never shaken.
“What is it Admiral?”
“ We have dropped out of the Warp right above Terra Captain, Right above Holy Terra…”
The Admirals voice broke up, it sounded almost like the tough old sailor was crying.
“Holy Terra is burning, Captain, Burning”

Well there you are the story is begun, Please take it where you will and enjoy!


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