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Tau's could be boasting 1 of these cruisers http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Lar%...r#.U3oYnNJ_tUM
alongside a score of this escorts
or more realistically just 2
wich where very common in the damocles crusade

The inquisitor, however, being into an explorative mission, should be comprised by maybe one of this (with the inquisitor as captain)
and three escorts

The Tau cruisers would have a short and brutal fight against the imperial escorts, obliterating them, especially if after an ambush. the light cruiser, thanks to his better manouvrability would be able to escape with light damage and some luck
In Battlefleet gothic the Inquisitorial fleet would be 225 pts, against 2 Hero cruisers that would be 360 pts

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