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Name: Mikhail Gorski

Age: 31

Appearance: Standing at a height of five foot four inches, Gorski is a heavier set man with a stocky build. Barrel chested and with a thick set neck and arms, a scar dominates his abdomen from an old las wound. His skin is an off white, and his head bears short black hair; a moustache dominates his face, framing a squat nose and grey eyes. Gorskiís left arm bears a tattoo of his family crest, a crossed pair of axes overlaid on a skull with the aquila stamped onto its forehead, while his right has his regiment and ID markings.

Personality: Brutal but efficient, Gorski prefers to see the life fade from his enemies eyes when possible; to know that he has cleansed the Imperium of one less foe in the name of the God-Emperor. A cold and calculating man, though brotherhood is bred into each Vostroyan Gorski is more than willing to settle an issue with his fists; especially when it comes to his shorter stature.

Background: Firstborn of three brothers, Gorski hails from a family who can trace its lineage back nearly five hundred years. This knowledge has served to inspire all firstborn sons in his family, and as such he was inducted into the firstborn regiments as soon as he came of age. For the first five years Gorski saw battle against greenskins across nearly every kind of world imaginable. For a further three his regiment would be stuck fighting through the streets of Veriim VII against a riot insurgency which was ultimately fueled by cultist activity. Since then Gorski has continued to fight against greenskins, and even the willowy Eldar on a handful of occasions.

Role: Specialist

Preferred/most hated enemy: Traitors, most notably guardsmen who have turned their backs on their oaths to the Emperor.

Gear: Lasgun, 2x satchel charges, laspistol, 2x frag grenades, 2x krak grenades, entrenching tool, combat knife, medi-kit

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