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Originally Posted by emporershand89 View Post
Other way aroundI was curious if you could swap Demolition for Heavy Weapons specialist. Basically the Machine Gunner of the group (Heavy Bolter?).

A vostroyan gone mad? Not a possible thing? That is ok I can scrap if you like. My shifts almost over so give me till later tonight and I'll get that done for you.
I was just saying a female wasn't possible, because the Vostroyans don't have any in their regimental composition. I was considering a heavy bolter but it is a two man weapon system and I didn't want to drag a player along to be "the guy who helps carry heavy stuff and feeds ammunition"

@ TheWarCaptain, could you change your bio slightly to be a Vostroyan born and raised soldier? Now that I'm thinking about it, it doesn't seem right for a Cadian to lead a Vostroyan vet squad
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