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It's been awhile since I've been taking part in the RPG's, and I do have a thing for Astra Militarum (what a cheap name: Go Guardsmen!!). Anyway I got time, so tell me what you think

Also could I possibly interest you in allowing me to change him to a Heacy gunner, the Squads "Automatic Weapons Expert" as we call them in the Army?

Character Sheet:

Name: Alexander Valentine

Age: 29


Valentine is a 5'11" Male who has a strong build and long legs that give him unusual speed and power. He has Black hair, curly mustache that ends right before the lips, and sports enough chest hair to rival his fellow Vostroyan. He bears a scar above and to the right of his Left Eye. His voice bass low he tends to project and is not know for being quiet.

Bio: Alexander Valentine was born just like many Firstborn on Vostroya; into a military family who then gave him up to be trained for service in the Astra Militarum. What few people know is that from a young age Alexander displayed a natural knack for dealing with explosives and pyrotechnics. His Academy trainers found this to be both a talent and a curse as more than once he was found messing around with the Schola's supply of training ammunition to create more improved versions of Frags, Kraks, and Satchels.

When he was old enough he was assigned to a Unit fighting Orks on the Eastern Front. From here Alexander learned how to use his talents with EOD and IED to maximine effect. Whether ir was disabling traps to keep his brothers from harm, or setting cunning ambushes to trigger entire hab units to crush the Xeno's Alexander was there. Eventually he was promoted to Corporal and give a small detachement of 4 men under his command to specialize in handling explosives. However when preparing an ambush one day he accidently triggered it to early, and ended up killing a unit of Guardsmen; including the son of a very prominent Colonel. For his actions he was sentenced t join a Penal unit, but was saved at the last minute by intervention from his fellow soldiers.

Alexander was forced to cut his beard, a sign of his masculinity, and made to join the 241st Vostroyan Regiment; know for it's less-than-Codex tactics and approaches to the battlefield. However what was to be his doom turned into his saving grace, and suddenly Alexander finds himself attached to a Veteran Squad that is being assigned a very dangerus; possibly suicidal, mission to the front to support fellow Vostroyan Firstborn.

Preferred/Most Hated Enemy:
"I hate Orks more than anything in this universe. Their monstrosity is a spawn of the Warp itself, and they must all be burned and cleansed from the face of every planet they make fall upon. I hate Orks, and I shall kill them all." - Valentine to a Sargent who was later found dead.

Gear: x1 Laspistol, x3 Krak Grenades, x3 Frag Grenades, x1 Entrenching Tool, x1 Combat Knife, x1 Medi-Kit, x1 Meltagun, x2 Melta Bombs

"Walk Softely, and Carry a Big Gun!"

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