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there we go edited and fixed

Name: Maximinus Bullert
Gender: Male
Age: somewhere between 25 and 30 he doesn't really know he's been in battle for so long he's forgot and actually he doesn't care, anymore at least.

Appearance: 5 o'clock shadow beard, Fairly strong build, has a lot of scars a few on his face and the rest covers his body, 5'10 foot tall, short black hair and has a tall and strong looking build and he is also missing his right eye.just imagine his right eye is an optic eye and his hair is a little longer.

Squad Role: Sergeant
Wargear: over the years Maximinus collected specific weapons mainly because they helped him get out of tough situations, his Bolt pistol hanging on his left hip strapped in a leather holster, his Chainsword is strapped to his other hip in a black Sheath and finally His Vox-Caster Maximinus went to the best engineer he knew and asked him to linked it with his optic eye so it doesn't slow him down and so he doesn't have wear a big, bulky helmet.

Personality: A disciplined and ruthless man, Maximinus despises any other cowardly or disobedient man. He also has a habit of beating the crap out of said cravens immediately and on his own judgement and no one else's, in battle he's an expert strategist and being such he's Resourceful and Creative in in his plans.

Bio: Much of Maximinus's past is unknown even to him, he was born on the planet Vostroya which was in the service of the Emperor to give them their eldest and firstborns, when he was old enough he started his training he was taught to use everything even himself as a weapon if need be, when he was accepted he asked to be instantly sent into the field his peers, the elders and his trainer were impressed by his thirsting bloodlust to slay orks and his need to serve The Emperor.

having started his tour of duty as a Private [or a Cadet?] in the the Vostroyan Firstborn 13th Regiment, He received his current position in the wake of a particularly bad landing during the first phases of a brief suppression campaign against anti-Imperial insurrectionists on Modred. While en route to their dropzone, Bullert's unit came under fire from hidden anti-air batteries. In the resulting confusion, several platoons were misdropped or forced to bail out of their transports, leaving the survivors scattered across roughly forty kilometers of the Modred highlands.

In the absence of orders, Maximinus took charge of the handful of survivors he could find and set out hunting for the batteries while they moved up through a few insurrectionists decided to ambush them and sadly though they were quickly killed it was not before one of them took Maximinus's right eye, the medics couldn't save it in time so someone who could make an optic eye for him, he went through much pain before and after it was inserted.

Given his success in that and the subsequent campaign, regimental command chose to make his de facto role official during the reconstruction as his commanding officers had been killed by one of the anti-air batteries, two years later he was transferred to the Vostroyan Firstborn 241st Regiment and was given the rank of Sergeant, his exact words were "this should be interesting".

Preferred/Most Hated Enemy: Maximinus has a passion for killing Orks mainly because of two reasons, one they're very stupid cause they just run at him into hails of bullets though they do keep surprising him with stuff like their guns shouldn't fire bullets and yet they did and two is they're really easy to kill, they're a little harder to kill when they're in a horde and can actually overwhelm squads and units. The most hated enemy has to be the anti-Imperial insurrectionists he fought against on Modred as....you know they took his eye.

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