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Originally Posted by iamtheeviltwin View Post
1) Dream Theater - Still my #1 Band, best Prog Metal band and their most recent album is an excellent piece of work
2) Infected Mushroom - highly technical electronica...good stuff
3) Babymetal - J-pop and K-pop have always been guilty pleasures combine it with quality speed metal riffs and the its been fun
4) Imagine Dragons - Popular band right now, but I like the sound
5) Caravan Palace - not sure why I got hooked into electro-swing, but few groups do it as well as this one
Dream Theater and Infected Mushroom are great fun. Caravan Palace has really been captivating me too, recently. I was under-impressed by Imagine Dragons' other stuff besides "Radioactive," though, honestly. It didn't really stand out to me (though that's just me--love them all you want for yourself, of course!).

Originally Posted by JAMOB View Post
Alexi Murdoch - musically fascinating stuff based on guitar and voice but with other cool stuff
Pink Floyd - of course
Bo Burnham - music is decent but he's hilarious so I'm counting him
Simon & Garfunkel - just an awesome sound
Chick Corea - well really jazz in general, but he's my current favorite
Pink Floyd and Simon & Garfunkel are really quite excellent--classics for the ages. I've been into Alexi Murdoch myself, recently. I and everyone I know who's heard him ran across him because of Pandora, it seems...

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
The Weakerthans - folk rock from Winnipeg
And I, at least, know they're from Winnipeg because of "One Great City!", heh. "I hate Winnipeg..."

Originally Posted by Kreuger View Post
Philip Glass

Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar View Post
5. Savatage / Trans Siberian Orchestra
I know TSO too! Can I join the party? ...sure, I haven't listened to much besides Christmas Eve/Sarajevo, but...

*ahem* my choices:

- The Mountain Goats: A singer/songwriter with few peers in terms of the excellence of his work, though it can be a bit of an acquired taste.
- Modest Mouse: Cynical and bitter alt rock heroes.
- Tom Waits: The one, the classic, the unmistakable. Named my CSM warband after one of his albums.
- Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Post-rock kings, long may they reign.
- The Glitch Mob: Talk about "pulse-pounding." Music to watch things explode to.

Had too cull altogether too many favorite bands from that list to feel comfortable with it (Sufjan Stevens, Metric, Anaïs Mitchell... to name a few of the most difficult to cut)

CSM Plog, Tactica

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