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Default The Terror lords warband

Hay all
I started 40k in the days of rogue trader, some of my chaos warband date back to those heady days of Saturday afternoons in the local gw. Though I don't miss the smell. I got back in to it in the late days of fourth and all though I don't play as much as I like, I crack on.
Recently I have more time on my hands and am actually getting through my years of hobby back log, so I thought I would start a log. I plan to show both some blasts from the past as well as the current. I try to do some minor conversion on most of my models. After all the csm are all different, all champions of chaos or I'd have a boring loyalist chapter.
I have been lurking on heresy for 3 years and over that time have gained many an inspiration from others so thought I'd give something back.
Some of you might of noticed my terminater thread in painting and modeling. But I wanted to show more so here goes. Got two projects on the go at present.
1. Terminater lord



This is still work in progress

2. Decimator deamon engine
But I will put that in another post.
Peace out heretics hope you enjoy the journey.

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