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Originally Posted by Jacobite View Post
Love that double barreled punisher cannon, how easy was that to do? Nice simple and more importantly you've made the join work well.
Thanks man. It was pretty easy, as the two together slotted pretty neatly (if a little tightly) into the Russ turret. The casing was just slipped out of plasticard!

Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
They look tough as nails man. The tanks look big, but it might just be the recessed hull mounted weapons and the pushed back sponsons. Where'd ya get them from?
Thanks man. Everything you see that's grey is made by GW, mostly just combined from 2 standard LR kits! The beige stuff is Tamiya stowage from eBay, and the white is plasticard! Simples!

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Those russ are really nice, a lot more imposing than the normal model!

Also great wok on the chainsaw priest gang
Thanks buddy! They were real fun. I was just browsing eBay for empire stuff for my Vampire Counts and had a flash of inspiration!

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1110158374...84.m1423.l2649 is the set I picked up, I shared the kit with a friend and we tracked 5 LRs altogether, with some leftovers! They're about 1.25 cm wide in general I reckon. Maybe 1.5

I've been busy at work, and I've almost finished my second Knight. He'll be getting based tonight. I've also built 5 more assault marines, and started upscaling some GK termies! Pics tomorrow.

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