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Default Counter-Offensive (Imperial Guard)


Kulth, the Ork ridden War-World of the Calixis Sector, has been locked in a power struggle between the Orks and the Imperium for the past eighty-three years, and the Vostroyan Firstborn 55th Regiment has been stationed there all the while, fighting the greenskins in the name of the Emperor.

The Orks have, seemingly randomly, have orchestrated an extremely aggressive push into Imperium territory. Needing backup, the Vostroyan Firstborn 241st Regiment, known for it's Ad-Hoc composition and organization, as well as the "Rough and Tumble" nature of some of it's recruits as opposed to the rest of the Firstborn, has been sent to reinforce the lines that the 55th has been holding.

Player Roles/Information to keep in mind

The players will be roleplaying a 5-man Veteran Sqaud from the Vostroyan Firstborn 241st Regiment. Your objectives will be made clear to you, but may change or diverge from the original path of the story depending on player choices, in order to keep the story flexible and make sure the players exert a realistic level of control over their plight.

Character Creation

The squad will be composed of 5 players, each filling one role within the squad. These roles will be decided upon on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The roles are as follows:

(Aside from wargear listed, all soldiers will be armed with (unless otherwise stated): x1 Laspistol, x2 Krak Grenades, x2 Frag Grenades, x1 Entrenching Tool, x1 Bayonet/Combat Knife, x1 Medi-Kit)
(*: An asterisk denotes that you must choose one of multiple gear choices. **: A double asterisk denotes this character does not carry the standard Laspistol.)

Sergeant** - *ROLE FILLED* - Maximinus Bullert
Wargear: x1 Lasgun/Chainsword/Powerfist*, x1 Plasma/Bolt Pistol*, x1 Vox-Caster

Demolition Specialist - *ROLE FILLED* - Alexander Valentine
Wargear: x1 Meltagun/Plasmagun*, x2 Melta Bombs (Demolitions Expert gains access to one extra of each grenade)

Medic** - *ROLE FILLED* - Alex Voskinov
Wargear: x1 Lasgun, x1 Diagnosticator (Diagnoses injury and disease), x1 Injector (injects all manner of medicines and combat drugs), x1 Medi-Pack (A much more potent Medi-kit, with a much vaster selection and quantity of medical tools/medicines/pain-killers/combat drugs)

Guardsman Specialist - *ROLE FILLED* - Harmon Colivan
Wargear: x1 Hotshot Lasgun, x1 Detachable 4-times Zoom Scope

Guardsman Specialist CQB - *ROLE FILLED* - Mikhail Gorski
Wargear: x1 Lasgun/Shotgun*, x2 Satchel Charges

!Remember when choosing Wargear, they will need to be portrayed as accurate to the lore of the 4ok universe. Powerfists are slow. Shotguns are not effective at long range. Plasma weapons are unstable and get hot. This will be taken into account during combat.!

The Character Sheet
Name: Name Your Character
Age: How old is your character? I am setting the Minimum to 20, and the Maximum to 32.
Appearance: Give us a rundown of your character's physical apppearance. Be descriptive.
Bio: Give a descriptive background of your character. Remember, you are a Veteran, so tell us about your past exploits. Why are you a Veteran? Did you hide under the bodies of your comrades as the Dark Eldar Stalked amongst the carnage, and live to tell the tale? Did you hoist the Standard of your Company high as you charged into battle against the Tyranids? Were you pulled from the worst of the worst of Vostroyan prisoners, and brutally fought your way up? Let us know who your character is as a soldier.
Squad Role: Are you a Sergeant, Medic, Demolitions, or Specialist Guardsman? (Remember, first-come, first-serve)
Preferred/Most Hated Enemy: Which Xenos do you feel best putting rounds into? For which enemy does the battle become personal, instead of your duty?

Thank you very much for any and all replies!

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