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I'm not entirely certain that I agree with the cult of the Black Guard here. While I agree that they can be a valuable unit, Dark Elves are very diverse in how you can run your list. For instance, it seems that you're looking into running a straight up warriors and monsters list, using hydras and Black guard. Personally, I like to run executioners, as they are 3 pts cheaper per model and have higher strength. I also don't agree that the characters in the Lords and Heroes choices are underpowered. A good example is Hellebron, who at 8-10 atks at Str 10 with ASF is arguably the best CC character in the game right now. Personally, I like to run a horde of witches, 5 ranks deep, with the Cauldron and Hellebron. In addition, I like to guard one flank of that unit with a unit of executioners, 5x5, with Tullaris and a Supreme Sorc with Lore of Life. For shooting, I take a 10 man unit of Darkshards, a 10 man unit of Shades, and 2 bolt throwers to whittle my enemies down before a charge and weaken flank charges on the unguarded side of the witch unit. Honestly, I've been called a serious cheese monkey using these combos, and I don't necessarily disagree, but effective tactics are still effective regardless of cheese. The beginnings of your army sound interesting though, so please let us know how it playtests. Good luck and have fun!

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