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Originally Posted by hailene View Post
How does this change the equation for the Imperium's war machine?

It has bodies. Despite its best intentions, its ability to manufacture advanced weapons is limited.

So the Tyranids may be able to create more soldiers than the Imperium. All right. So how does this change the Imperium's materiel shortage?

If anything needs to be changed, I figure it's the Mechancius's approach to technology. Toss out the machine spirit stuff and have them learn the scientific method, I think the Imperium would be in business.
yeah but the iron men crap scared the piss out of everyone and scarred humanity for life. using scientific method would work since some of the stuff the mechanicum have was made bia scientfic method like that insanely powerful ship that one shotted an eldar cruiser in a gravtational disturbance with pixel perfect laser accuracy. With chrono canons
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