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Originally Posted by Demon of Humanity View Post
New weapons and tactics will be needed and soon. a weapon is powerful but its paper weight with no one to use it.
And soon?

While the turn of the millenium is vetted as the end times for the Imperium its certainly not going to happen overnight. The Imperium has largely been surviving as it has for ten thousand years, and thats despite everything that has happened (and remember that in that time the Imperium has made some gains to offset some of their losses.)

Also, all things considered the Imperial Guard isn't really trained that badly. By and large they are equipped with gear and weapons that are extremely durable and reliant, and in some cases do not require a lot of training before being able to use effectively. Keep in mind that there are thousands upon thousands of worlds in the Imperium which contribute soldiers, all with different kinds of training. Some might be poorly trained or led by less than competent leaders but that is not all of them.

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