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Default Astral Claws Questions

I originally planned to start Aurora Chapter marines but the last few days i have fallen in love with the Astral Claws, i love the scheme and i love the idea of playing a loyalist chapter soon to have a tragic end.

On to my questions first is fairly basic, i noticed that Lexicanum shows the lion's head as the chapter symbol yet the Forgeworld sculpted pads and tank doors all have the claw symbol?

Am i right in that the claw symbol is to be used if your playing them at the start of going full renegade or could i use it for any Astral Claws force?

The reason i ask is that i prefer the idea of playing them with the regular Marines codex rather then the Tyrants Legion list as that lacks some of my favourite miniatures from the regular Marines choice but if anyone wishes to sway me either way on which list to follow then id be keen to hear opinion.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.
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