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Sorry for the spam, guys
I won the "blastwar". my opponent just deployed badly, and was somewhat scared by my 6 oblits. he tried a pincer manouvre with his rhinos but he ended up just splitting them and they where picked out easily, once at a time. also, due to my sonofabitch deployment he mangaed to shoot his plasmacannons just from 3rd turn only (and the game was already won at that point). Vindicators are a problem, but really need a strong supporting army, otherwise they are just sitting ducks for the first two turns.
Removing terminators was a good idea, so, @NathanJD , have a cookie

The Legion of Perfects Project

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The calls of Slaneesh stir so deeply within me, as if I was birthed from the very essence of it. For my ambition to infinitely ascend above all is never ending, like fire within it burns me to ever cindering ash. Lord of light and ascension is who I am, realities burn to ash at my very passing. My luminescence is unparalleled for I am luminosity itself, all light is but a shadow of my silhouette
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