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Hi, I've played sm on and off for over 20 years, granted it's either been sw or BA but the basic stats are more or less the same, I find tactical squads, in my case grey hunters are very useful, they won't slaughter your opponent but like you say stick them on an objective with a vet sgt leading with a missile launcher and plasma gun and they should hold it especially if they're backed up with a similar squad nearby to assist if the first squad gets tied up in cc, my only provisor though is take them in large numbers, the full ten, that's 16 st 4 ap5, 2 st7 ap2 and 1 st8 ap3 shots per turn, should be able to hold their own add that to their decent ld and 3+ save and they're a solid unit. And with ATSKNF they will never be cut down if they lose combat. You just need some more elite squads to take the fight to the enemy while your tac and dev squads hold your own line
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