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Originally Posted by torealis View Post
Beautiful posing.
Kind words from a skilled fellow hobbyist, thank you!

Originally Posted by Iraqiel View Post
Ahhhhhh this has been an awesome experience to go through Xeno, thank you. Now to start unloading some Rep for the week of rewarding clicking your log has given me.
Glad you like it, I hope I could serve as inspiration for some hobby endeavours of your own and here's a cheers for another couple of hundred posts in this thread

Originally Posted by wolflordthor View Post
Those Spears are awesome! Not to mention the top-notch positioning. Do you plan on doing assault marines/raptors on a large scale or more regular infantry?
Originally Posted by wolflordthor View Post
Hi Xeno!
Although it is rather quiet here, I had an idea that might have crossed your mind already... Are you planning on using the Imperial Knight model for your Night Lords? There is quite a lot space for conversion ideas on that model ;)
I have many plans, loads of plans, some of them not even remotely related to the Night Lords but still in the 30k Era. Some of them in direct conflict with other plans. Mostly I'm just dumbfounded and can't decide what to do and what to put into which army project - this is the downside of having a load of power armour projects on your mind at the same time - for reference see discussion below.

I have 20 Assault marines and a jump infantry Praetor miniature with wings built and waiting for paint, does that qualify as large scale?
I also have enough pieces to build 20 Night Lords Raptors, does that qualify as large scale? I guess you'll have to decide that, at least I have the units on the docket.

I bought the Imperial Knight model as it was released. I still haven't decided what to do. I do know that I also want to get the coming Knight Lancer from FW and I will probably want to buy one of each future knight releases as well (Warden? Please make Wardens, I want my lumbering cannon behemoths walkers, please make Wardens!)

Question is, what should I do with the Knights? Should I make a custom household and just go bat shit crazy (and try some totally different colour schemes)? Should I try to tie them in with my future Rogue Trader / Astra Militarum segments (yellow armour with black fatigues)? I'm not fully convinced either way just yet, so I've left her unbuilt for now.


Time flies, I'm a f-ing fl-er, same excuses as all the other times (work around the clock, lack of hobby zest, combating fatigue and near clinical depression, my life is awesome in many of the possible conceivable ways yet my head makes me think I and it sucks, yeh ), let's get on with some news about models since that's why you're here.

I haven't been completely idle lately. Regarding the Night Lords I've been making some silicone moulds for some pieces that I needed, they are mostly done now but the casting is not so I have a bunch of units that I can't make progress on till that's completed.

On the other end I've been building and collecting the pieces I do have. I finished of the 2 spearmen I've been showing of mostly on different forums and instagram. These are quickly becoming my favourites of all the miniatures I've created thus far:

This one has been decked out with Legion markings and the Crimsoned Wings on the knee (my company marking that most Mk IV miniatures will have). He has also been given some slight repair work on his arms and hands as they where odd and damaged. The cloak has been sculpted to represent it being slightly curdled into his hand as if holding it or moving it out of the way.

The other miniature has also been shown before:

He has just received some slight work on the cloak and the Crimsoned Wings marking since last time, these two are now moved to the "to be painted"-pile along with a bunch of other miniatures:

You might also recognise this miniature although he has changed his helmet since last time because I thought this one suited the flow of the miniature better. The top know was resculpted slightly and fits between the shoulderpad and the backpack which was problematic previously. He'll have to receive some extra equipment and details but at least the basics are done for now:

While on the subject of conversions. I was rambling about Night Lords breachers previously and here's a proof of concept, rough WIP still but I think it serves as a pointer to where the idea is heading:

Basically I want 10 of these marines, all with different degrees of hacked up bodies chained and nailed to their shields. Fear and paranoia exchanged for gruesome violence. Grim. Very Night Lordish even if Breachers might not be something associated with them per se. Do you think it's a viable miniature concept? Obviously the bodies will require quite some green stuff work to meld them in and make them even more... Realistically cut up.


With the release of HH III I have decided to scrap the White Scars project (sadly). I've just got this thing for Alpha Legion and now that I have more visual input to work with I'm re-purposing all my plastic parts into a side project for them. The project will consist of Mk VI armoured marines (as far as possible) with as little defining markings as possible (might not even have legion markings on them, just other symbols). I have yet to decide exactly which units to incorporate but I'm leaning towards foot infantry (obviously) along with my outriders and jet bike units and then perhaps my flyers also. But I'm still torn about which units to use in which army. I have more than enough infantry for both but the "fun" choices are more limited and far to expensive to get in huge amounts for now.

Any suggestions for which kind of Heresy army list to go for with the Alpha Legion is most welcomed.

I also did a test miniature using the ForgeWorld painting scheme with metallics and Tamiya Clear colours, I must say I'm impressed with how they work - it was different but fun and I learned a couple of things. The metallics on the backpack is a tad to dark but maybe that works well with their subterfuge and anonymity?

Anyway, I'm building them mostly with plastics. I'll have to source a few pieces myself (mostly shoulderpads) but that's doable I guess.

I have a few more newsworthy things down the line. I'll see when I get around to actually finish something up so I have something post-worthy. Till then, hope you like what you see and that you enjoy the progress.

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