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Default 1500 pts for Campaign

If you really want to be a dick... Since you can change 2 units a battle, swap in 2 Helldrakes with baleflamers. None of his blast templates (plasma cannons or vindicators) can even hit fliers and it will be near impossible to get the meltas in range.

I know you said no helldrake but it is the straight counter to massed MEQs. Especially ones with mass templates. The real question is, how badly do want to win?

Otherwise maybe you could load up on blastmasters in heavy cover? You might win out on the template war that way.

Another option would be nurgle spawn. They'll do quite well in combat vs tac squads, will get there quickly to tie them up, don't care about ap2 weapons and with their T6 won't get insta-gibbed by vindicators. Make sure to do full squads of 5 so enough are left to win combat by the time they get there.

No matter what you add, I'd certainly drop the terminators vs all those ap2 templates.

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