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Default Flames of war any good?

Okay I've toyed this twice already but my iPad keeps pissing on it so I'll be quick cos I'm bored

My gaming club is short for time so full games don't work...
It's why BFG worked so well... One ship each was quick and fun, you could give as good as you got and it was challenging

So I was thinking is flames of war any good for the same reason?
I was thinking maybe one tank each, 3v3 most of the time?
Is the air combat any good? Warthunder makes me wanna play WW2 aviation even more I did, but if FoW doesn't support aerial dogfights we can stick to the computer screen.
Is it easy to pick up? The website doesn't do it any favours so I'm not sure

Would you even recommend it? Or are alternatives better for any/all of the above?
Have I missed any questions you feel should be answered?

Thanks for your help :D

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