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It was a night fresh and clear in summer, the four skalds had set up camp at cross of two large grassy paths, one way bring to an old manor house, a second going to a large house recently made and a third to join the caravan route that led to territorial boundaries. The firecamp tongues of fire crackled with thin yellow, red and blue.

Began to tolk Athaer: I have a littel story is about psyker on run ...

Kentaro was sitting on the small balcony of his flat while enjoying the early morning light, reading some economic magazines, the sky was clear and the temperature mild.
There was a series of pops dry and powerful, similar to static scarice, looked at the sky rimaneca unperturbed, he rose from his chair and leaned over the parapet, he heard voices whose tone was growing closer to the place where he was.
Suddenly he heard a mighty roar followed by a grinding noise and dark intermittent appeared three Stormtalon moving in formation on the main arteries of the hive-town.
Vocal dispatches and every deivce of communication invited citizens to withdraw remaining distant from the street and boulevard and in particular in the quarter of "Ganjiam."

A psyker biomancer in anger shifted from places indoors yo outdoors, from streets to counter-avenues to the middle of boulevards. Rabid brought havoc and destruction around him, knocking down everything and everyone who came a short distance.

Using his psychic powers awakened by some latency twenagers psykers bringing into the open and forcing them to mingle with the whirlwind that was creating around himself to ward off pursuers.

The inquisitor Castan Purius did not appear intimidated by the uproar, with assistance from the psychic shield created by a sister of silence came to the biomancer, with two pencils used as improvised weapons, hitting these in the neck and the cerebellum of the mad out of control, he fell down lifeless with an incessant confused.
"Be done, Lughorr Deji, abomination of evil! Emperor celebrates his Justice!

Of the approximately sixty teenagers psyker risveglati almost all returned to their own, crouched or hid asking for help because confuse and upset.
Just ten continued their action crowds excited, exasperated, their minds was clouded by new unexpected power.

The captain of the Imperial Guard turned to Interrogator Boshjov: “what is this madness of teenagers?”
“Is called ancestral wrath ... maybe we'll have to break down those young guys”.

The work the Inquisitor Castan and his mates was therefore not completed.
Followed and found seven boys holed up in a mall intent on wreaking havoc among people and things in a big game-center, a store of technological devices and in a cinema. The imprisoned delivering them to the operators of the Black Ships for a rehabilitation. About the remaining three: one was barricaded in a electric-unit and discharges lightning for defended himself, he was catch when exhausted; at the same happend for the girl who ran away at breakneck speed until she was reached, sedated and imprisoned.

The last guy was followed for a long time, his strategy was to move, hide, slow down, but not to attack. The last contact took place at the entrance of town lower area, then its "signal" went out and the quest were interrupted. Someone must have helped him...


The fire crackled burning the resin of pine wood, a slight smoke rose from the firecamp, mild and fragrant. I have another story, said Ghil, breaking the silence of the fellows.

In a large hive town there was a very fine district. Most of the houses had hanging gardens and the penthouse had been set up some lush greenhouses.

In one of these loft on the top floor, there lived a familgia who was only a child, his name was Nera, perhaps for her eyes intense color, dark, deep and gentle, but maybe at the same time quivering as the darkest night .

Parents entrami informatic researchers at the Monitorum, were sometimes obliged to leave little to the care of a neighbor, Ugne, who though older was exceptionally nimble and adept at looking after small, but smart Nera.

Nera, as I said was a special little girl! One afternoon while she was in the greenhouse, Ugne saw a ball roll toward the child after making a turn at 90°. For the first time she don’t pay too much atention, but began to do so when she saw the girl at a window, 2 meters from the floor, leaning against no one knows, busy to feeding with some seeds few swallows as she recalled!
However, did not ask questions she said with a certain sceveritą:
“get down, and let it be wild animals!”
She waited some time again, to observe the child in the case was to carry other "strange" actions, before made something…

One day when Ugne had to watch again to shoot Nera to observe the child. At one point she saw a doll that was changed clothes without even being touched. After that she approached Nera sat down beside her and said:
“these beautiful things you do, even when there are mum and daddy?
Nera shook his head: "with you ... 'Cause you ... you ... you're special ... I know it..."

Ugne made a tiny little smile.
“I have been in duty for a long time in the corps of the Imperial Guards. I started as a private and I ended the career with the rank of captain! I think, nay, I am sure ... to be the only woman, of a combat-corps, to had dismissed and retired with honor among all those who were in service until today!
This is the only thing that could make me a person, special, nothing else!”
Ih ih ih, no no, you're special, I know ... ih ih ih” said smiling Nera
“Bha! I do not know what you and someone else, see me ... something that not even I know that I cherish.
However, you continue to hide your powerful gift! Keep it secret keep it safe!
Nera smiling slyly look away.
Ugne continued: if you're not careful someone will catch you, saying he want to do something good for you and your family ... but it is not so! You have to wait, you have to be ready and strong, then you can deal with the Schola ... but not now! Not now!”

Said these words, she took a stuffed animal and began to play with Nera which she said: “we'll talk again?”
“maybe ... let’s play now!”

The two were not meet with regular basis. Nera’s parents sometimes asked to Ugne for look after the child when they were unable to retrieve any other person in a short time. This will probably put the baby safe from potential controls by "talent scout" of the Imperium.

In one of their meetings Nera interrupting a game approached Ugne and whispered:
“I know three things ... that make you special ...!”
The woman surprised, waited before getting reveal these "three things". Taken by the child in an area away from the windows and apparently shielded from electronic devices and asked.
“What would be the "three things" that I have?”
“I myself did not know that, I do not remember!”
Nera look at her and said: “d e l e t e d…”

The woman was brooding. Then muttered:
“I have powers to control quiescent ... I know if I use them? They want to use me? They want to kill me if…”
Nera seid: “all the options!”
Ugne reached a window, peered discreetly, then returned to Nera.
“One day, when we meet again, I'll ask you a favor ... “
“When? “
“I do not know when ... then …but now let's play!”

Go by about three weeks before they meet again. That afternoon they remained together for three hours; Ugne after a while playing approached Nera and whispered something to her, moving the face as if to indicate something or someone.
Yea but…how?”Asked, Nr ...”
“I'll explain ... well ...” as added Ugne
She went to the little girl and said to her all, then, silent looked at each other fixed…

Nera ran for greenhouse reaching a window-door, placed her hands on the glass, opened it and stood for a moment on the small balcony, just after she returned from Ugne.

The parents returned and the woman took her leave, saying:
“Thank you for your courtesy and kindness was a pleasure spend a little time with the little Nera. I will start soon ... who knows… maybe we'll meet again ... but not short! However, I know that Nera does not remain alone for long ... soon will have company ... no?
Smiling waved away.

Ugne looked at Nera with intensity she thought: "Do not tell anyone your gift!"
Meanwhile, she gave to the mother a d-pad. "Give it to Nera when it will be teenage, contains my greetings and recommendations for studies ..."
the woman was a little surprised but nodded serene "I will!"

A couple o days later some were found two men and a woman in a state of shok with sick and convulsing, helped by Arbitres, for first aid, were then transferred at a rehabilitation clinic of Astartes.
Of Ugne were not found any trace.


This was a nice story! Said Dheyron, sipping his pint …you still have this for a night without moons??
There was a silence broken by some mumbling and then Draag it back and picked up the best supporting said, I mean to have another tale…

On a civilized world of the Segmentum Pacificus in one of its major cities something happened that caused a sensation ... but not that actually had a great importance!
However ... I will tell first! In the great town of Las Hydalgos a woman maintain herself with some jobs: as hostesses at the playhouse, on aircraft, and entertainer, escort, during certain party for managers or great corporations in the galaxy.

During a big party organized by a winning sports club, Danya was so busy, managing to be, as usual, very professional, but ... only at the end of the event, which was a big after-hour, let some go ...
Under the influence of a few drinks more, combined with the effect of energizing pills ... that she was amused and entertained a little everyone.
That party was a great and important event! The professionalism of the organizers and staff was praised and rewarded, Danya also obtain a substantial gain, but not limited to, an unplanned and an incredible event waiting her!

After this "big" job followed by some other events and commitments of good quality, but not the same for engagement and continuity.
One day suddenly fell sick: severe convulsions during the day that resulting in physical exhaustion.
As soon as it was possible she went from her doctor for a thorough examination. The doctor after a careful analysis and some tests gave the answer: you are “suffering” from pregnancy”!
You have no current or latent infection are in good health! You are only in "childbearing".

Danya was disturbed by the event totally unexpected and unplanned! Following the analysis of the responses and comforting decided to carry out pregnancy to term even though she had no close family or friends able to help her. She considered useless try to contact the alleged father, also because those days were weeks far away quite confused in her memory.
Something must have happened that had not been able to figure it out! She had been very careful to prevent any possible "inconvenience", but something had to be missed!
She vaguely remembered a man dressed in gray, with a long dress, halfway between a coat and a cassock ... in which all turned without calling him by name, but with what seemed an honorary title: Abbot!? Or perhaps prior! ...

However, in the months preceding the start of the "rising", before it was clear that her physical condition, she did take some short-term jobs with a very high profit. Her intent was to accumulate as much as possible to withdraw the necessary time to be born and grow the baby.
Made this she found a place and a nice and quiet district (Lush Bay) with also presone friends, willing, they would sustained before, during and after childbirth.

After a new ultrasound, around the third month, the baby appeared healthy and lively, free of any disease, however, was found an unexpected anomaly: on the forehead seemed to be a dark spot, which was identified as a possible third eye! The infant was "affected" by a mutation!

Suddenly the extreme peace and security that had built up around the fire seemed to fade as silk in the fire…
She thought to be the victim of a scam or some injustice or deception, organized by some unknown ...
Withdrawn the results of the analyzes returned to Lush Bay. She decided to continue to pursue clinical controls rituals in the same clinic while away from home was very easy to reach by train and subway.
This choice allowed her to give false information and address, and in consequence of this discovery seemed to have taken an excellent decision!
At Lush Bay spoke with a trusted person, face to face, and that suggested she to contact n agent who often had procured barley legal work commitments, he certainly would have given a name and a contact of someone who would be a great help !

Meanwhile, Danya had been reached by the sisters Martha and Abby. The three were a force of nature! In moments dificili always sharing everything came together, till the end!

So the three women with a rented car, making a series of stages and carried out with the intent to mislead or discover any spies reached the recommended contact, a man nicknamed: baffobianco.

The man who was also a medical expert in genetics, said in his small workshop, with great rapidity, a series of analyzes on the blood of Danya, comparing it with that of the sisters.

The result revealed a genetic difference, where Danya had suffered a natural mutation of DNA. Baffobianco delivering the medical report said:
“You are a rare case of Navigator’s mare! Your baby never can rise with you, is obvious! I suggest you to take him to one of the houses of the Navigator ... they will take care of the baby! His future is in the stars! Although his life will not go over forty years, I'll be rich and wealthy!

“About you, finally, are clearly in danger ... being the egg cells of a –Navigator’s mare - a rare and precious commodity, you may be induced by someone to use this special -resource-... I think you might enjoy of such a gift to selling some egg cells... for surely the revenue would make it much easier and more comfortable your life.

She shook her head by ruling: “I’m not for sale! I will accept to deliver the baby in a guild of Navis Nobilite, but nothing more. I will try to disappear, erase the traces of my passage”.

Baffobianco nodded seriously. “It’s a difficult choice and you must be determined, ready for anything! The Gods of Chaos are always in ambush as well as the operators of the Black Ships!”
“Do you know how to find me ... in any way I can be of assistance please do not hesitate to look at me in any moment!”
Having said this dismissed the women making coming out for a different path from the one used to enter.

269 days after conception, in clinic of Lush Bay, Gaspar came to light. The mother Danya, few days after childbirth handed the baby to a guild house of the Navis Nobilite. About danya and her sisters have not heard anything for sure, just some legends… that tell of a meeting between the mother and the child as a teenager ... a journey among the stars ... and a woman who managed to escape the hypnotic and lewd way of Slaanesh ...
Under a sparkling vault of sky in a tiny planet in a galaxy so far away ...

“Ah! A good tale for start a good night!” said Dheyron adding combustible to the fire.

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