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Granted it's not the USN but these ships are designed to be future proof for the foreseeable future they're not going to spend over 100Bn per ship on something that could be obsolete in 5 years, truth be told solid shot projectiles are needed but not to fire at targets 100's of miles away unless the idea is that it's got a sizeable payload that will do large area damage as you simply won't hit you intended target at that range, there are far too many variables, just because it's new and exciting doesn't mean they will get used, for example in the late 70's GB developed a sound weapon that used vibration to simply destroy targets at the molecular level, it worked perfectly, how many units have since been equipped with said weaponry? None, it's target area was too widespread and the power required was deemed too excessive. I'd love to see rail guns, laser cannons, flying aircraft carriers and men in power armour fighting aliens but I'm afraid it's not going to happen, at least not in my lifetime.
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