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I dont think they would release one or more of the primarch. If they ad to realease them all, it would be realy too big, and would ruin the game. If they realeased only one, two or three(in example Guilliman, Sanguinius and Dorn), the Space Wolves players would say: "Why not Russ???" and the Chaos players would say:"Why not a daemon primarch???"

Just think a bit about it: Harry the Hammer has been modeled because he was on the cover of the first edition of Warhammer. What was on the first edition of W40K(Rogue Trader)??? A squad of Ultramarines. So i guess the "gift" for the 25 years of warhammer 40.000 will e an Ultramarine special character, or a squad of pre-heresy marines

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