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Originally Posted by torealis View Post
Ho. Lee. Shit. Man, I thought you were good, but that freehand is awesome!
Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
If that is the world worst, then I shudder to think about which boundaries I would shatter by trying it.

I really like the dark and shadowy look you have on your Blood Angels - They're visually just up my alley. Have a cookie
Cheers for the kind words guys! I'm not entirely satisified with it but it is passable and he is the last marine in this scheme @Nordicus : one of the joys of having a DIY chapter: you can do anything you want with a color scheme!

Right here is the full squad pics, hope they give you a good idea of what they look like:

I ended up having to completely repaint the banner as I messed it up the first time, I put IV instead of IX, that wasn't a pleasant night.

So that's them done, bit of a moment really I started work on them a little over 3 years ago so it's good to get them done and dusted and while they aren't as converted as I had originally planned (they were going to have the SG wings and JP's) I am fairly pleased with them, the gold helmets worked out well, I was originally quite hesitant of using gold on them instead wanting to use it as for the Captain only but I am liking the VV/HG/SG with them now. Onwards and upwards I now have the Captain, a Landraider and that Sanguinor conversion to go. Guess I should get onto that Landraider then, probably finish that Libby first though, and got two Sentinels to finish fixing and then paint. Be a vehiclely month next month I think.
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