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Originally Posted by emporershand89 View Post
Would probably detonate in the chamber from the excessive forces/heat put on the warhead at launch. also, and I'm not sure so ask an Engineer, i would think the electro-magnetic current used to accelerate the prjectile to the insane speed it travels migth detonate it as well......maybe?
Nope. Even if it did explode, it wouldn't be fusion. In fact, you could probably insulate the sucker enough that it would be fine. Shouldn't really be that hard, to be honest. That being said, it wouldn't make much sense and we aren't currently allowed to put nukes in space, so its kinda pointless. That being said, no one told us we can't stick a giant tungsten rod in a big ass magnet and put those into space…..

EDIT: Considering the cost of getting that much tungsten into low orbit, seems a tad silly, really.

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