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Default Chimera WIPs

My primary project at the moment is to finish off my two Chimeras (ordering a third in the not too distant future). I have not used these vehicles before in a game and am really looking forward to giving them a test run! These two are the spearhead of change from my former infantry heavy list to a combined arms/light mech list. They will also be more important now as my Vendetta (that I used to take) can no longer carry my Vets.

The right hand Chimera is all but ready to start being painted. It is themed as a gun-runner variant and will likely carry my Vets or one of the clearance teams - the back end is appropriately kitted out for combat with combat net radio and weapons racks. The left hand Chimera will be more command orientated with additional antennas (YAY! ANTENNAS!) and the back end being fitted with a screen interface. I have magnetised some of the antennas/all the weapons/all the upgrade options and utilised a number of pieces from other IG kits; including the replacement of the driver's window with a slat-style viewing window from the IG Baneblade kit and more Tamiya fuel cans. I have also added modified smoke canisters from another IG kit (can't remember specially). An update will be posted once number 2 is complete!

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