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Default Vehicle WIPs

I have had a change to do an audit on where I was with previous aspects of the Coronan 51st project and the following was found.

This LRBT was done in 2009 (almost completed) but is doing back into the workshop for some modifications. The sponsors and attachments (antennas, crew etc) have been removed and magnetised and some repainting will now need to take place to gap-fill my vandalism! No idea how to get the consistent coat and don't want to take it back to primer. This is the pattern I am now using for all the remaining models. The model uses all standard IG LRBT parts with the exception of the front sponsor which is converted from a HWT HB and crew who has a body/left arm from the IG FW crew update set, right arm from the HWT and head from the LRBT sprue.

This flyer was started back in 2009 and was only undercoated for some time. I was unsure whether to continue the 'bunny pattern' camo on it or move to block tones on each panels, the common 'stripes' or leave it Adeptus Battlegrey with features painted in the remainder of the pallet. I opted for the 'bunny pattern' camo to match the LRBT. After the base colours were laid down, each rivet and component line was indivdually washed to create some depth - a time consuming but rewarding process. I enjoyed painting the internal details the most, with the 'dirty feet' effect around the ramp and side doors being build up by dry brushing with a combination of browns - darkest being where the most foot traffic would be.

All components are magnetised, including the wings for easy storage. I built the Vendetta lascannons using IG HWT components. I am quite happy with outcome so far. Still to do: loadmasters in the back, cockpit canopy and the base/stand.

This vehicle was only recently converted but went back into storage a week or two ago as result of decreased hobby time - well it is back out now! I have been wanting a Hydra for some time and decided I didn't like the FW version so converted my own - the new AM release was 2 weeks after I finished it...*sigh* In any case, I am rather happy with how it turned out, and I was able to make some additional modifications to the chasis as a testbed for my other vehicles using Tamiya fuel cans/drums and 1mm brass wire. I especially like how the detail of the driver closing his hatch turned out! This vehicle is again, magnetised, and can be used as either a Medusa or Hyrda. The vehicle will be painted in the same scheme as the LRBT.

LRBT - Demolisher:
This LRBT was also only done a number of weeks ago but was shelved along with the Medusa/Hydra. It comes with all the upgrades magnetised (yes - I like magnets!). I also utilised a lot of spares from other IG vehilce kits to make each tank slightly unique - in this case additional antennas (you can never have too many!) and exhaust from the IG Baneblade kit. The vehicle will be painted in the same scheme as the first LRBT.

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