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Default Master of Ordinance and Priest Conversion

In early Jan I started working on my additional special characters to add some additional punch to an otherwise infantry heavy force. I prioritise work on a Master of Ordinance and Priest. I don’t like the GW MoO so decided to convert one, likewise the number of Priest models on the market.

The MoO I see as a self-contained artillery officer with the ability to call multiple assets’ firepower into the battlespace. As is commonly known, very few assets in modern militaries cohesively talk to each other and redundancy is also always factored for – this says to me that any one-man-army will need LOTS of different antennas. Hence I worked a number of different antennas into the GW Voxcaster backpack. Any one man with that much power at his fingertips would surely have an over inflated ego so I intend to give him reflective aviators as part of the paintjob. The parts I used for the remainder of the model are listed below:
- Legs from the the forgeworld Cadian Command HQ
- Torso and right arm from the GW PCS box
- Left arm and binos from the GW shock troop box
- Head from the Batalion Leman Russ sprue

I see the priest as a cross between raw close combat power (wielding an evisorator) and a zealot. Looking at the GW parts market I selected the Empire flagellants (a popular choice) as the base for my conversion. Whilst many other modellers have taken SoB components to make their eviscerator I opted for the chain-sword weapon from the IG Senintal. One didn’t have the impact I wanted so I made it with two and then integrated the components into the Empire flagellants two handed shaft with 1mm brass wire. For added an added ‘wild man’ effect I used the Empire flagellants head with shaggy beard and also utilised the 1mm brass wire to link the iron strapping around the head into the collar. I then added some shock trooper pouches to the back from a more 40k feel. The parts I used this model were:
- Torso/legs, arms, head from the GW WFB empire flagellants box
- 2x chain-swords from the GW IG sentinel box

Both of these were really easy and good fun to get back into the hobby. Strongly recommend others take some time to convert their own special characters to add a unique flavour to your army.

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Laurence Kronos
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Coronan 51st Grenadiers Regiment

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