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Tbh I overlooked the Wyverns at first...But yeah, looking at them again, they seem to fulfill the same role as my griffons used too, but arguably better (and cheaper), since they re-roll to hit like the griffon, yet also re-roll to wound and fire twice as much. Not AP4, but meh, they ignore cover and re-roll to wound so will probably kill more than a griffon anyway.

Just need to work out how to convert a cheapish Wyvern turret and swap out my griffon mortars and colussus cannons (thankfully magnetised them! So no loss there) on my numerous chimera chasis. Job done. Would probably run them in 2's, no more. Probably best in lower points games where I can't squeeze in higher priced artillery or many Russ's. Definitely good against backfield cultists, horde armies, if you don't mind list tailoring.

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