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Originally Posted by torealis View Post
A) That Yarrick conversion just made me go and bid on a Yarrick on eBay.

B) what's the model next to him?
Yeah I was really happy with that conversion, it wasn't planned it was simply because I had a Yarrick mini as part of a bulk purchase but I lost his sword so I couldn't really sell him, I half inched his power claw to use on another mini and it was around the time I was beginning to play around with =I= henchmen so he got thrown in with them, rummage in the bits box later and there he is.

The mini next to him is the "Guardsmen Sniper" from Max Mini: http://maxmini.eu/miniatures?product_id=127 with his head replaced with a Eylsian and some brass rod over the barrel to make a silencer.

Originally Posted by SonofVulkan View Post
Lovely paint job on them marines Jacobite.
Thanks Son
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