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Default Coronan 51st Grenadiers Regiment

After a few years of shelved/limited hobby, I restarted my Imperial Guard (IG) army in January - just in time for a number of my newly crafted units to be discounted/removed/changed by the new Astra Militarum (AM) codex release - sigh! So I am going back to the drawing boards for a list and simply enjoying converting my army again unit I can work out a new list based on the changes AM have brought to the table.

My list centres on the Coronan 51st Grenadiers Regiment, 4th Brigade (Bde). They are based on the ice planet Coronan and specialise in combined arms and light mechanised urban breaching in cold weather climates. Unlike other IG regiments that specialise in extreme cold weather climates such as the Valhallan Ice Guard, the Coronan 51st trade some of their cold weather gear to improve mobility and survivability whilst fighting in urban terrain.

The paint scheme I am running with:

A preview image of 2nd Platoon:

"Forward we go, unto victory or death!"
Laurence Kronos
Commander 4th Bde
Coronan 51st Grenadiers Regiment

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