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Default Imperial Fists 500p Army.

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to 40k and was hoping for some advice in creating a 500p Imperial Fists army.
I'll list the models I currently own and have painted for battle. I want something that is easy to play with and not specialised. I want to stress that I am still very new. All thoughts are more than welcome.

Liberation in Terminator Armour.
Chaplain w/ Jump pack.

X5 Terminator Squad w/ storm bolter
X5 Stern Guard Veteran Squad

X10 man Tactical Squad
X10 man Tactical Squad

Heavy Support
X2 Dreadnoughts
X10 Devastator Squad

I realise I don't have any fast attack. That I something that I hope to correct in the coming months.

Thanks Again,
-Enjoy the holidays !!
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