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A couple of other pictures of the squad:

As a reward for doing things on them and getting them to this stage I allowed myself to work on a purchase I made last week:

One of the FW Renegade Pyskers. I"ve loved this mini from the moment it came out but I've never bought it as the other one that comes with it, while great, is a little hard to make fit in any of my forces. However last week this one poped up on the local auction site so I grabbed it (ended up paying a little more than I should have but anyway). The only thing that I needed to do to it was remove that odd thing by his neck (which I have never been able to figure out what it is and the Chaos Star as even for a radical =I= it's a bit obvious.

So after a bit of cutting, scraping and dremmelling this is the result:

On his base:

And here he is with the other minis I am amassing for the Radical =I='s force:

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