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Originally Posted by torealis View Post
Fuuuuuck! That's incredible. This is my favourite blog on here mate, love the variety.
Thanks tor! Means a lot! I was quite nervious about that painting that banner as it's quite plain, I wanted it to come out as looking very simple as well but not looking unfinished, I think the limited palate and the barbs on the black bar do the trick.

Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Psyker squad looks great, and the SMs are coming on great, but the fact you use shot glasses as painting bases is deserving of rep on its own.

EDIT: Gotta spread some around first.
Haha thanks Khorne. Somebody commented on that over on B&C, I find them great as they are good solid heavy base, they are hollow so you can your finger inside to stablise it if you are painting on an odd angle and they have the added advantage of being perfect for mixing paints in for the airbrush I cannot recommend them enough. I used to have 5 but 2 seems have to gone walk about which is very irritating and forces me to use paint pots.

Originally Posted by Deus Mortis View Post
Holy crap those vanguards look awesome! Keep up the good work
Thanks Deus they are becoming a very long process but now getting to the end thankfully!

Originally Posted by Iraqiel View Post
It's always good to see you deliver on your tantalising WIP shots, Jac. Great job.
Cheers Iraqiel I try to get them in there to make up for the slow progress I am making!

Originally Posted by Varakir View Post
Holy shit that's genius! I always use a pint pot but it's a little slim....totally stealing this idea tonight

Vets are looking great and that banner is awesome - i really like the idea of using that psyker as an ordo hereticus as well. I will have to visit more often and steal your ideas
Go for your like Varakir, I pick them up from second hand shops whenever I see them, I need to get some more actually as I said above, much more stable than a paint pot. Steal away, that's the log is there for and 90% of my ideas are stolen from somewhere anyway.
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