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Default Sons of the First Legion - Recruitment Thread

Sons of the First Legion


Welcome to Sons of the First Legion, as you can guess this is a Dark Angel roleplay set during the Great Crusade that will also move onto the Horus Heresy, The Thramas Crusade, The Destruction of Caliban all the way to the Second Founding and the Scourging.

For the start of the roleplay you will be young marines recently fully inducted into the legion twenty years after the Lion has been found and will be joining the Dark Angels Eleventh Company as they head out to join the Great Crusade where you will fight to reclaim the lost fragments of humanity and slay Xenos un-numbered before dealing with the Horus Heresy and all that it entails. You will be starting off as normal marines with a few of you having some special training aswell but we shall be doing some time skips which may or may not alter your character completely so do not be afraid if I ask for you to post updated Character Sheets.

1) No God Modding
2) Respect your fellow role-players.
3) I want a minimum of 1 paragraph (10 sentences) for each post.
4) Roleplay battles will last a minimum of 2 updates when you fight one vs one or large enemies (such as dreadnoughts)
5) Follow the Character sheet exactly.
6) Post atleast once per update.
7) Have Fun and warn me if you can’t post.
8) Stay IC.

Notes: Im currently looking for between four and nine players to fill out the squad. The squad itself will start as young marines in the crusade that will eventually fully specialize later on in the forms of Tech-Marines, Apocatheries, Company Champion, and so on. Chaplains will only become available after the Edict of Nikea at which point any Librarians will have their powers restrained / restricted.

Updates: Updates will be done every two weeks on a Sunday though if everyone posts before the deadline then the update can be done earlier.

Character Creation:

Name: What is the name of your Character?

Age: How old is your character? It has only been twenty years since the finding of the Lion and Caliban and meaning you would have been recruited between the ages of 5-15 years old. Your ages can be between 25-35 years old so you are very young for marines.

Homeworld: All of you will be recruits from Caliban itself so just fill it in as Caliban.

Physical Appearance: What does your character look like? Is he tall for an Astartes? Short? Slim? Well muscled? Marines that come from Caliban will not have any notable features as such but it means there is a lot more diversity in terms of what you can look like: Pale, Tanned, light hair dark hair and so on. I'm looking for at least one decent length paragraph here for your appearance. A decent length paragraph is roughly between 7-9 full lines.

Armour Appearance: You will either be in MK ‘II’ Crusade Era or MK ‘III’ Iron Armour so you just need to describe what your basic armour looks like so you can either have a full suit of one or a mix of either though you may have a more Knightly looking helmet (for reference see the cover of: Fallen Angels, Descent of Angels). Remember that at this point the armour of the Dark Angels was painted black and they wore bone / cream tabards with the legion symbol on the front. The Tabard is optional.

Personality: What is your personality like? Are you calm and collected? Rash and hot headed? I do not want to see any ‘silent’ types in the roleplay but remember there will be a lot of variation in your characters so I like appearance I would like to see atleast one or two decent sized paragraphs for your personality.

Background and Goals: Due to psycho-indoctrination during Great Crusade only focused on adding in combat abilities you would remember your childhood and training. So where did you grow up? Why did you choose to join the Dark Angels, was it your choice? Your families choice? Or were you simply recruited? Perhaps you were even just starting down the path of being a Knight of the Order when you were found? What was your training like? What do you hope to aspire to? Do you want to become a Captain? What are your goals? Im looking for atleast three good length paragraphs here, given that most of Caliban has not be shown in depth im allowing you to name your own villages if you wish to come from elsewhere on the planet.

Marine Class: All Marines will be basic Tactical Marines. There are three slots available for people to specialize in: Apothecary Minoris, and Librarian – Lexicanum. The third is Tech-Marine but given it takes atleast 15 years to train as a Tech-Marine you will only become it after the first time skip so if you are interested in it then please contact me through a pm or on skype.

Librarians you will need to pick one of these five powers which then specializes you into that psychic school, for the first part of the roleplay it will be your only power: Smite (Biomancy), Prescience (Divination), Fire Ball (Pyromancy), Assail (Telekenisis) or Telepathy (Telepathy). Once you choose a school to follow you will only gain powers from them each time we move on in the roleplay.

Weapons: As basic Tactical Marines you will start out carrying a Bolter, a Bolt Pistol and a Close Combat Weapon. In most cases the CCW will be a standard issue Chainsword however you may instead choose to carry a one handed sword or axe or a two handed weapon that also replaces your pistol. The Apothecary will obviously be carrying a Narthacirum that replaces his pistol or his Bolter and the Librarian will replace his CCW with a Force Weapon of any style and be equipped with a Psychic Hood.

Up to two Marines may replace their bolters with one of the following (so there can be two special or heavy weapons in the squad, or one of each):

Special Weapon: Melta-Gun, Plasma-Gun, Flamer, Volkite Charger.

Heavy Weapon (also replaces pistol): Auto-Cannon, Plasma-Cannon, Las-Cannon, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer.

Frag and Krak Grenades
Weapon Scopes (Optional -Light Weapon Only)

- Narthacirum (Apocathery Only, Replaces Light Weapon or Pistol, Automatic Equipment)
- Psychic Hood (Librarian Only, Automatic Equipment)

Positions Open/Taken:

Big thanks to Santaire for his help of making the recruitment thread.
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