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Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
Well first try today - Didn't exactly go as expected.

I put a Tzeentch Daemon Prince, with armor, wings and 2 greater gifts on the table, alongside Bel'Akor.

The Daemon Prince gets toast in round 2, as he gets 9 wounds and i roll 5 2's. Allrighty then.
After that, Bel'Akor charges in wiffs 4 of his 6 attacks. Remember that he is hitting on 3's. 1 pen and 1 glance.

The Imperial Knight strikes back, hits once and rolls a 6 - So Bel'Akor is removed from play.

Good game. How swell it is that GW decided to introduce a STR D model into regular games that you cannot exclude as it doesn't require escalation.

I think you were on the right path here, just that the dice rolls were not in your favor this game.

Still, I can imagine how frustrating it is facing a STR D weapon, even if it is a CC weapon, in a standard game.

Is ignoring it a possibility at all? Just kill off the rest of the opponent while the Knight tackles one unit at a time?
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