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Originally Posted by Alsojames View Post
If I had those marks, I would've got a pretty good mark on it. But I actually FAILED that assignment because THE PHYSICAL CD DISK WAS NOT LABELLED.
Honestly, if you think your professor is being too harsh with how he grades assignments then it might be a good idea to speak with him. Failing that, explain the situation with your adviser; they might not be able to give you an instant solution, but you never know what information they might be able to provide.

I've had a few of those professors when I was in college, both as one of their students and later as an assistant to one. If you say nothing, then nothing will change and your likely screwed. When I was the assistant for one professor, he was so incompetent that I ended up doing a better job teaching then he did (it was a first year course where you were taught a dozen testing methods including things like fatigue, tensile, and metallography for determining material properties.)

Seriously, that guy would spend ninety minutes of a two hour class teaching them absolutely nothing and then expecting them to perform the test for that week with the remaining time, or schedule additional time to finish their respective labs. How many year one, and this is a course taught in the fall so your as fresh as could be, students can learn the procedure of something that should be taught over the course of two or three hours in less than thirty minutes?

By the end of that term, four of five students were either failing the course or had already dropped it with a grand total of one student getting a B. (Not for lack of them knowing what they were doing, we did a good job their, but this guy either gave assignments that had no bearing on what they were learning, quizzes I wouldn't expect you to know until your third year, or having such terrible grading structure on labs that it was impossible to do good.)

And I guess we can also consider that a vent, about three years late, from me as well.

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