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Originally Posted by Alsojames View Post
God fucking DAMMIT my sister is the most useless human being I've ever encountered.

Thirteen (13!) years old, almost 14, and she complains about having to get her own food when she's hungry, takes hours and hours to do her homework, stays home from school for the most trivial things, and has the audacity to call me stupid.

On top of all that, my laptop's hinges are coming loose for some stupid reason and I need to send it in...but I need it for those assignments I mentioned earlier. Which means I'm gonna go a week without my computer or anything....when I have nothing else to do.

I always feel bad posting after an actual tragedy occurs. It makes me feel like I'm belittling the other person's sorrows

Especially because I typically vent about inane crap.
Don't worry I'll vent with you..... Damn 13 year olds.
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