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maybe thats something to do with contact being lost with macragge. shit it could even mean the return of roboute guilleman.
its possible as if warp travel is effected then he can only help the east fringe worlds and if theres no contact with the rest of the imperium then it wont have to much of a effect on the game or the fluff either. GW must have a plan cutting macragge off from the imperium so maybe calgar steps down from leadership of ultramarines, gives the gauntlets of ultramar back to a returning guilleman who takes control of the situation and maybe goes on to fight another hivefleet or take on the tau.

but a primarch has to return or people are gonna get fed up with 40k as we have been crying out for one for so long and they are taking the piss with it. with the HH novels causing even more interest in them they will have to do something and soon.
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