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I totally agree with Xabre, BFG is still one of my favourite table top games, its a fantastic rule set for a very small start up price. I wrote a review of the whole system a while back, and I think most of it still stands up now...
The only thing I would query now would be you have to have some Ebay skillz in order to get a reasonable fleet now as GW stopped supporting it a while back.
If you ever have any questions about the game just give a shout, within my gaming group I think we have either owned or played against every race and have many battles and Campains under our belt, the best ones being a few planetary assaults that started with BFG, then Epic40k and finally 40k to finish.

Real Men/Women/Aliens/Heretics/Warp Spawned Filth/Big Scary Space Monsters play Battlefleet Gothic... why dont you???

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