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Default Your Favourite Unit/s From Every Army

Often I'm drawn to armies by specific units where I like the fluff, models or think they'll be fun to play with. Which are the units you'd love to have a go assembling, painting, converting and/or fielding? I'd be interested to read what the other factions' popular units are, from a playing, fluff or painting/modeling perspective

IG: Leman Russ battle tank
A classic unit, a model that's stood the test of time and both sturdy and hard hitting.

Daemons: Bloodletters
A kind of daemon I've never fielded, but nice models and they seem like they'd be fun to summon in big groups

CSM: Chaos terminators
I can't think of anything cooler. I'd love to do CSM allies just to model and paint some of them

Dark Eldar: Scourges
Those models look awesome, and a jump infantry heavy weapon team is a fun concept

Eldar: Swooping Hawks
Not for the models (I really wish they'd do a plastic kit) but for the fluff and idea of how'd they'd work on the table. GW could do such a nice kit if they gave them some attention

Necrons: Lychguard
Because they look awesome

Orks: Kanz
Orks will possibly be my next project because there are so many units I love. It's a tough call between regular boyz, meganobz and killa kanz, but I'll go with kanz. Ramshackle looking mini dreadnoughts that can be fielded pretty cheaply, are cheap to buy with a nice plastic kit, come with okay guns and S10 CC... they're everything I like. They may be fragile but a unit of three doesn't have to cost much over 100 points and with battlewagon spam, a few more transports and stuff like bikes hitting on T2 they might just get ignored now and then and do some damage. I like the idea of one with a TL big shoota and two with burnas to keep things cheap

Space Marines: Terminator CC squads

Tyranids: Warriors
My current army, I have a load of these and a prime. The fluff and models are great and they're a unit that has divided opinion for a long time. Perhaps my favorite change in the new dex was bringing back mixed weapon units so I can model a prime and field it as a regular warrior with a sword/lash and talons to give some CC ability. A minimum sized unit with a barbed strangler seems viable enough for competitive play too. Cheap synapse, scoring and an assault large blast weapon seems like a decent synapse choice given the options

The other armies have never interested me, and screw imperial knights
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