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Default Cato Marquand


++ Passcode: ******** ++


++ Display Knight Dossier #126983 ++

Name: Cato Marquand

Age: 90 years [Terran standard]

Appearance: Cato towers over mortal men, just like any other Astartes. And just like any other Astartes, he is well-built and toned to the point of peak physical performance, his entire body muscle-bound and utterly deadly. Cato has short-cropped black hair, and dark brown eyes. His face looks like it has been carved from sheer rock, chiselled and solid, and fair-coloured. He doesn't have any significant scarring nor tattoos, believing the latter to be unnecessary decoration, and the former an honour yet to be bestowed.

His grey power armour is adorned with protective scriptures, with a gold eagle sculpted into its chest-plate. His left shoulder pad bears a crossed blades motif, whilst his right is coloured fully black - a personal nod to something Cato remembers of his past.

Personality: Echoes of a denied future haunt Cato, whispers of memory that are never fully realised. As such he has been pushed into having a highly inquisitive mind, always questioning what is known and never ruling out the impossible. Such a trait would be beneficial in the militant arm of the Inquisition, and indeed trainers have praised Cato's diligence in the past: but sometimes his questioning goes too far. He always seeks new ways to defeat the Enemy more effectively, to save more human lives and push back the forces of Chaos, no matter where it takes him. This kind of thinking would put him in line with the Radicalist philosophy within the Inquisition, but as a marine doing his duty there is little room for him to act on this ideology. He will voice it, but always follows orders to the letter, keeping his personal feelings and the battlefield firmly separate.

This mindset outwardly manifests itself as a thoughtful man with strong convictions and values. He will readily give his opinion, perhaps too often, but knows when to put his thoughts aside and focus on the task at hand. Cato is gregarious, and tries to form strong bonds of brotherhood with his fellow warriors, beyond that of the simple pragmatist's feelings of duty and mutual respect toward one another. Occasionally something of a mischievous streak shines through, but never of a grave nature and never compromising the mission - at the end of the day, Cato knows his duty.

History: Cato remembers only mere fragments of his past. He feels some sort of affection for the Black Templars Chapter, but cannot explain why. He admires their conviction and purity of purpose, but at the same time disagrees with their rejection of the psyker and the myriad of other tools in Humanity's arsenal deemed "impure". He often ponders why he feels this affection, kinship even, given his only partial alignment with the Chapter's philosophy. If he knew the truth, the true paradox of his existence would reveal itself - and who knows where that could lead?

Cato, going by another, forgotten name, was born on Cephian IV, a world liberated long ago by the Black Templars. He came from a moderately prestigious family, who had found success in mining the ore-rich world for precious minerals. They had always offered them at discounted prices to any Imperial representative, and offered their most able scions to the Astartes for training. The family was deeply patriotic, and felt a special debt of gratitude to their Templar liberators. Hundreds of years later, when Cato was born, the origins of this gratitude were lost, but the feeling remained. Cato was immensely proud to be accepted for training, but when the day finally came to join the others in the transport to the Black Templar fleet which had come into orbit for recruits and supplies, Cato was whisked away by a mysterious figure - a Gatherer.

Cato took this particularly hard. He came from a planet which was almost fanatically devoted to the Black Templars and their ideology, yet now he had been identified as a psyker and was to join a Chapter which existed in legend, using all manner of arcane and sorcerous science to fight their foes. He did not share his fellow recruits' excitement and feeling of honour - he felt betrayed by his psychic genes, and spent many a night wishing he didn't have this curse. He progressed through the trials clinging resolutely to the Templar ideal, to cleanse the galaxy of traitors and heretics without stooping to their depraved level. He held onto this so hard that he forgot his own name before he forgot about Cephian IV, but in time even this faded. Slowly he became like the others, until the pool of others dwindled to but a few out of the millions who had arrived. He had succeeded, but his old identity was gone.

Whispers of it remained, however. He took the forename Cato out of preference, but could not understand why he chose Marquand as his surname - it was the name of the Emperor's Champion of the Black Templars who had liberated Cephian IV so many years ago, recorded in halls of honour on the planet but mentioned little elsewhere. He chose to forge shackles to his gauntlets, chaining his falchions to his wrists in the Black Templar fashion, without really understanding why. But his inquisitive mind, wondering why he felt this strange feeling toward the Chapter, drove him the other way. Instead of the Puritan ideal, he found himself thinking more and more as a Radical. This is the paradox - his past and present, both the same man, but an entirely different mind.

Once he became fully-initiated, Cato fought on a few smaller-scale skirmishes, mostly aboard starships. He has always fought with courage and resolute spirit, but nothing yet had truly tested him. He met a real challenge when battling a powerful daemon of Khorne, afterwards designated a Herald, in the tight corridors of a stricken Imperial mining cruiser which had drifted too close to a valuable asteroid colony. After duelling the creature for what felt like hours, Cato finally banished it with a wave of crushing telekinetic force, before finally succumbing to his injuries. The Catalepsean Node kicked in, and Cato fell into a state of highly volatile hibernation. The Apothecaries worked tirelessly on him until finally signs of recovery were shown, and his hibernation became stable.

Now, he has finally come to, aboard the Holy Wrath.

Aspiration: Whilst always striving to work his way higher in the ranks of the Grey Knights by showing true valour and bravery in battle, Cato's real desire is to be recognised for his inquisitive and open mind and be inducted into the Ordo Malleus proper as an Astartes-Inquisitor. He feels this would finally give him the freedom to pursue his own destiny, and apply his Radicalist ideology to protecting Mankind more effectively than he could as a mere Knight.

Psychic Discipline: Cato uses Telekinesis, a deadly combination with his preferred weaponry and fighting style as it allows him to control even what is beyond the reach of his falchions.

Equipment: Aegis Power Armour, a pair of Nemesis Force Falchions, Storm Bolter, Frag, Krak, and Psyk-out Grenades.

+++ FILE ENDS +++

++ Mark for transfer to Squad Dothrac ++


++ Log out ++



Let me know what needs changing. I added the part about being transferred to the squad to avoid immersion-breaking given I've not been there so far (so everybody doesn't have to suddenly "remember" Cato), and the hibernation explains why he wasn't fighting recently in the Action thread.

Looking forward to getting stuck in!

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Cato Marquand

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