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Originally Posted by Tawa View Post
Lovely stuff there, L!

Loving the screen on that auspex by the way, and as for the base edge I reckon it looks fine
Cheers dude

Decided to make a small tutorial yesterday...

Here is a simple step by step tutorial on how I paint Space Marine Chest Pieces:

Step 1

Here I have a tactical marine that has been painted with the base colour (snakebite leather) and washed with devlan mud. It is now ready for the next layer of paint. You can do this with any colour and follow the same directions.

Step 2

I start by adding snakebite leather to my palette and a little bit of white to make it a shade lighter.

Using a fine detail brush, I carefully paint this onto the Chest piece. I add it to the edges of each feather and the majority of the body.

Step 3

Next I add more white to the snakebite and bring it up another shade lighter.

This is then added to the chest piece in the same way as last time. This is when you can begin to paint it towards the edges of the feathers, adding more depth to the highlighting and shading.

Step 4

I then add another drop of white paint to the mixture to make it lighter again.

Now you can begin to pick out the very edges of the chest piece and the top of the feathers. On this layer I only paint the bottom of the body and the tops of the heads to make it pop.

Step 5

Finally I add pure white to the chest piece. I only place it on the edges of the feathers and the edges of the body. This will give contrast and show off all the other layers that you have produced along the way.

As you can see this is a quick and easy way to make the main part of the space marines armour really stand out. This normally takes me around 10-15 mins to paint if I take my time with it.

The same highlighting skills can be transposed onto the shoulder pad trims:

The only difference is that this takes a little more time to blend between layers.

Ciao for now...
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