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Vanity is kind


She sitting on the veranda of the immense mansion looked phlaxum trees that grew on the banks of the river, serene sighed, maybe he had found the peace that had long needed.

She had been able to freely choose the place for convalescence, after the 40 days of rehab spent in the shady clinic orbital, among a specified group of 500 worlds.

Villa Shelma was a comfortable and well cared for, situated on one of the most prosperous Agri-World galaxy probably always not counted any intervention of Astartes!

The servo-droid approached her and handed a glass and few pills. How do you feel today milady? Was the question of routine.

"The health is good just the mind is still slightly confused ... but still much better!"
"for sure, that going to get better milady!" Said that it retired.

In addition to staying on the veranda watching the landescape and read that it was possible to take long walks usually made along a long path that extended a short distance from a wide watercourse.

Despite strong treatment that she had in rehab had not appeased her senses towards the transcendent, also the result of training that took place from the Schola Progenioum, there was a place that was particularly pleasing and attracted his attention was called Popiccolo creek. It had the reputation of being inhabited, rather than haunted by souls and spirits ... and perhaps this created an interesting mystery.

The quartier in which it was Popiccolo creek was an area full of courtyards and lawns. Specifically, the channel near where walking was perticularly shady because adorned with numerous tall trees: walnuts, elders, plane trees and lesser known species as phlphlars alugheus and phlaxums.

Every time she spend a little time in that place her mind was flooding of vibrant sensations and not infrequently, after that, in a dream, she recover some facts, people, beings, or unusual items.

It all began when for the first time she had gone to Popiccolo,
she saw a group of guys gathered at a stone bench arguing, as teenagers do, and in an instant she had a strange perception, was seized by an inexplicable thrill that produced, in a flash, a feeling of reminiscence and vision, a sudden detachment of space-time, sharp, but for her obvious!
Her natural ability of psyker could not be suppressed, she could not remember, but she couldn’t be other of what she was!

In another occasion, on the advice of Hemanu Ross, a magos of Omnisshia who knew those places, she went from a low hill, Moncrivello Height, the site where thousands of years before the Natives had a temple and a cemetery, but this time nothing was as happened to Popiccolo.

The doctor visited her every two days to check the psycho-physical progress of the drug therapy, also he had matched that with the physical activity part to play in the gym and some outdoor.
She silent to doctor the developments related to extra-cognitive events, and for the moment, he seemed not to recognize any stranger situation.

One day after a gym session she was resting sitting on the veranda, sipping an energy drink was approached by a gray cat in need of attention, sat near Milady became caress. A torpor seized the woman, which lasted maybe a few moments, when he opened her eyes the cat was black with big eyes the color of ice, those meowed again and was seized by numbness. There follow a mantic vision:

At amusement-park the young Ben had quarrel, for no real reason, with the young bully Maqqo, he invited him to settle the matter at sunset to meet in Popiccolo.
Arrived at the scene, as he suspected, Ben finds his "opponent" in the company of three other friends sitting on a large stone bench. Do not lose heart and went to meet him wanting to hear what they had to say.
Maqqo pointed his finger and saying: “you disrespected me!
Ben shook his head – “is not true! You're out!”
Maqqo bent slightly and took the stone from behind an object that looks like a stiletto made of a uncommon material.
He picked it up bringing it close to his face, which was illuminated by a light opalescent from the blade.
“This item have special powers, and you shalt be useful to understand the properties! Ah Ah Ah!”
Ben stepped back a few paces, not frightened by the words of Maqqo but because from the ground emerged an unexpectedly bluish light. Very fast an indescribable creature took shape and three of his limbs grabbed and grinded the three buddies of Maqqo in a splatter creepy scene.
Maqqo transcended with vacant eyes. Ben acted fast hitting the guy with a powerful right, while these lost his balance, with his left hand grasping the knife, which he found to be made of stone.
The demon realized that Maqqo no longer possessed the item: it grinding and grabbed him.
Ben heard a melody syncopated and dissonant but despite the discomfort it resulted hypnotic. In brief moments from the bottom of the wooded area flashed red lights accompanied by a shrill roar.
Ben shook his head and flashed forward by holding the blade with both hands sinking into the demon in a gap between what could be the head and lower limbs.
“Exi sprituts immunde”
Said a chorus of voices behind Ben which was followed by the chorus of blasters and bolter-gun. Ben felt his legs give way and he found himself squatting on the ground. Less than a minute after sitting down with his back against the stone bench saw who had intervened: Space Marines, Imperial Fist, sons of Dorn!
When return the quiet Ben was able to look at the weapon that was used. While he was doing that someone told:
"It 'a dagger in warpstone! The handle is made of wood of' Yggdrasil, therefore you not remain contaminated."
He was helped to arise. Then he was suggested to hide the weapon somewhere the forest because that place would protect the item from the new intruders. Ben walked away without being followed or monitored and hid the dagger in the trunk of a huge tree, it seemed to absorb the weapon.
Made the task returned from the Space Marine. The leader of the company that showed up with the name: Captain Dak Iexxe, invited him to join them: "You have proven skills outstanding for a human... if you want to serve the humankind in a new way, and for eternity, follow us!" Ben smiled ...

The rattle of the truck driven by servo-droid shock from the deep sleep that Milady with a slight sigh he opened his eyes.
"It's time of therapy milady!"
"Ah, well… but, what time is it?”

Known to have a few hours before sunset left villa Villa Shelma heading for the area east of the small town. She reached the old watchtower and skillfully climbed the north side of failing to reach the summit. Up above it was possible to observe and enjoy the view of the area below: her gaze moved from the south, where it rose Moncrivello Height, peering after east to Popiccolo creek, that stretched from north to south in a small wooded glen, whose low area was decorated with ancient carved stone benches, while the boundaries were delimited by old trees always well groomed.
Finally, a look from the north west to the tall, pointy, severe snow-cover mountains of Pedmonts county.
She had a moment of hesitation, a sigh, and then there was a green flash…

She felt a shiver that ran down his back, turned and saw what could be a particular kind of Eldar: he dress a brightly coloured clothing, an unusually powerful weapons, accompanied by a mask and helmet adorned with a crest of hair flowing purple and red.
He spoke, but his voice not wafted through the air but the sound of his words run across mind to mind. A silken voice spoke low and melodious, very sound like a enchantment.

Oh dame beautiful, captive and forgetful ... here, the treatment of your medical-torturers of the Officio Medicae was broken by a miracle ... ih ih ih ih!! The source psychic of the marshy ravine is too powerful, she is almost sentient ... eh eh eh eh!!

The item that had you saw was not only a weapon, but also a shield to defense who do not comes from the Warp or the “Eye”. The handle has an engraved seal that are banned by the negative effects of Chaos, it works as a key for access to top secret bound books and a compass to reach the most coveted of the craftworlds eh eh eh eh eh ...

Ah Ah Ah ... you will not leave here soon ... you still have to do ... something ... and then only if we'll get you back to your quest abruptly interrupted! Eh Eh Eh Eh!!!!
She winced and the sky turned blue ... peaceful and serene agri-world around them.

Turning his gaze back toward Popiccolo noticed the arrival of a large vehicle from which descended eight people. The hour was unusual for any maintenance work, individuals also had a tonnage abnormal, no one in that place was so tall and strong. She went down from the tower and with the bike borrowed in villa reached the place where she had seen those guys get.
She went down to the steep grassy road reaching the lower part of the site to meet men intent on tinkering with unusual instruments.
“good afternoon gentlemen ...! What strange equipment! What you're dealing for?? "
The eight gave a glance without interrupting your work. Only one stood close to her, answering:
"We're doing a series of surveys to detect energy geothermal ... it is a search by Strategos Logis ... is to safeguard the wildlife ambient"

“And there is a reason why you do these finds right now?
“Oh yeah! At least two reasons: as you can see there are few people and not annoy bystanders, also by previous research the next few hours at sunset are the most suitable for this kind of remark ...”

She smiled and added, “everything is really, powder”
... the man who had turned twitched almost imperceptibly
"Maybe… we will become dust ... but the knowledge is power!"
She said: “We are like children in this ancient created ...”
“I do not believe that Lady… we are like sons, many thousands of solitary sons in quest to fined just a single truth…”
“you are not only a researcher ... you are a poet!” replied Milady before go away.

After this exchange the woman waved and walked up the slope to a narrow path at the top of which there was a man waiting for her.
"Oh Dheyron, I'm glad to see you here!"
"I saw that you moved away from the villa and allowed myself to join you to make sure you were okay ..."
“Yes I'm fine! It’s just that my natural curiosity for this place inspires me to investigate ...”

“However, is not wise, especially in your condition, procure controversy ... know, however, that those responsible is already affecting the "issue" and that the inoculum will be cauterized before they can infect! Includes me, Milady!?”

I see ... it is not always destroy and annihilate in a violent way right action. Alter, transform, adapt was the teaching of the Supreme Sla...shhh” she whispered to herself.

Dheyron looked at her with questioning eyes and worried. She smiled and said "I'm just tired, today was a busy day!"

Returned to the villa Shelma, after a refreshing bath of she sat on the veranda waiting for dinner. She leaned her head back of the high backrest and made a sigh. She looked around and narrowed his eyes. She remembered, her past had returned. The care he probably had, as told by Dheyron, healed and not annihilated! Calyma Lady is Back!
Thinking this was repeated the teaching of the Supreme Sigillite:

"...men and women of inquisitive nature, hunters who might seek the witch, the traitor, the mutant, the xenos."
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