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Originally Posted by doofyoofy View Post
Thank you for the reply. Forgive me, I believe I was unclear in my original post. I mean specifically reloading the battle cannon after each shot. Is it magazine fed which i think would be the box behind the gunshield?

if so it doesnt seem like that magazine would hold enough rounds for even 3 or 4 shots, if it is a magazine then the above would apply. Due to the calibre of battle cannon though it seems like it might be a reload after everyshot in which case where does the ammo come from and how does it get to the weapon?

It would seem unlikely that they have to go to their resupply station after every shot...
Yea it's the box behind the shield. Assuming each shell is smaller than the smallest part of the barrel then it actually looks like you could fit a few in the box, certainly more than 1.

This comes down to an issue of scale and artistic representation. The models are not supposed to be exactly scale accurate. Look at the Space Marine rhino, you can't fit 10 tactical marines in that yet we know in the fluff it can.

Assume that in the fluff yes the Paladin does carry more than one round, that it can reload via an automatic feed.

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