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Originally Posted by hailene View Post
Meh, if they were made of materials known to us at the moment.

If they were made of a stronger material...or a lighter material or some lesser combination of both? Possible. Maybe reinforced by some process unknown to us.

Go back 3000 years (or heck, *300* years) and say we could build 120+ story buildings and they'd laugh at you. The means and materials just weren't available back then*.

*Okay, maybe they were? I don't know, I'm no pre-industrial revolution historian. Still, the point stands. With sufficient technology, anything is possible. We know that the Imperium has access to some fantastically durable, malleable metals or alloys (thanks to the likes of Terminator armor), so is it so far-fetched they'd apply them to their walkers and titans?
Oh, I know. This is a game with imagination and fantasy. I was merely stating that you can't expect every aspect of the tech in 40k to make perfect sense from mo0dern tech's perspective. Think lightsabres and blaster pistols from Star Wars...
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